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We offer a range of virtual advisory services designed to empower small and medium sized companies with the financial expertise needed to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

  • Financial Reviews
  • Personalized Insights & Trends
  • Cost Management
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Business Growth
  • Financial Impact
  • A Scoreboard
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
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Are you a small to medium-sized business struggling with cash flow constraints, financial planning and analysis, or operational efficiency?

  • MECP Accounting Solutions is here to provide tailored financial solutions that address your top challenges and help you navigate through turbulent times with confidence.

  • With our expertise, we'll optimize your cash flow, implement effective budgeting strategies, and identify cost reduction opportunities to ensure that your business stays afloat and thrives.

  • Each Month our skilled professionals will track your profit and cash flow, analyze what is working and what is not, meet with you for about an hour to review two things: A scorecard and Action Plan.

  • All so you will stay on track to have a more growing, more profitable, and successful business.

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About MECP

MECP Accounting Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive financial consultancy and advisory services, specializing in Outsourced CFO and advisory services to optimize your organization's financial performance. Our company is named after Maria E. Cain-Prince, Real Estate Investor, Founder and CFO. She is a highly experienced professional with over 25 years of expertise in leading accounting functions across real estate, construction, and manufacturing industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outsourced CFO? An outsourced CFO is a part-time or temporary financial professional who offers strategic financial guidance and support to businesses without the need for a full-time commitment.

How can an outsourced CFO benefit my small or mid-sized company? An outsourced CFO brings valuable financial insights and analysis to help your business improve profitability, optimize cash flow, and make strategic decisions to achieve financial stability and growth.

When should I consider hiring an outsourced CFO? Hiring an outsourced CFO can be beneficial when you need to enhance financial management, streamline operations, improve reporting and analysis, secure funding, manage cash flow, or support business expansion - with no long-term commitments.

How does the outsourced CFO engagement process work? The engagement process starts with an initial consultation to assess your needs and goals. Once engaged, the CFO will work closely with your team, analyze financial data, develop strategies, provide ongoing guidance - customized to fit your requirements.

Can an outsourced CFO work remotely? Yes, outsourced CFOs can work remotely based on your preferences. The working arrangement can be discussed and agreed upon during the engagement process to ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

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"Every company deserves

to have expert financial planning.

It is our mission to make it accessible to all."

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